In accordance with articles 89 and 90 of the CONSOB regulation on intermediaries, adopted with resolution No. 16190 of 29 October 2007 (introducing new notification and reporting obligations for intermediaries that provide asset management services classed as ethical), Banca Simetica has developed a set of internal procedures which include a system governing the selection and monitoring of the financial instruments held in portfolio.

In exercising its management activities, Banca Simetica does not invest in companies that derive a significant proportion of their turnover from the following sectors:

  • Production and/or sale of weapons
  • Production and/or sale of tobacco
  • Promotion and exercise of gambling
  • Production and/or sale of pornography

or in companies that blatantly:

  • Violate ILO (International Labour Organisation) Conventions
  • Exploit child labour
  • Support repressive political regimes

In selecting investments, preference is given to companies and issuers that operate with respect for the environment and the standard of living of stakeholders, and pursue social, economic and development policies aimed at safeguarding human rights and preventing any form of discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion.

Pursuant to the Bylaws, Banca Simetica allocates a portion of its net profits, defined by the Meeting and in any case not less than ten percent, to support social development projects. The Social Reports, published on the website, provide full details of the projects that have been funded and implemented.

The company does not pursue a policy of shareholder activism.

During 2014, as in recent years, our Asset Manager has respected the "Managed Lines Peculiarities" in his daily trading operations. He was helped by an Asset Management Committee who met seven times during the year.

Our internal control systems and the Ethical Committee verified the absence of securities issued by Companies operating in the aforesaid sectors during the periodic meetings.

We will approve the 2014 Social Report by 30th April 2015 and we will publish it in this website under the section Corporate Documents. In it we will report the details of the projects supported in 2014.