In a constantly changing world BANCA SIMETICA will work to uphold its business ethics program in securities markets through the development of consistent and sustainable corporate strategies shared and actively implemented by management.

BANCA SIMETICA is firmly convinced that moral conduct and ethical decision-making always produce benefits. Its shareholders, directors and employees therefore all promise on their honour to pursue the company’s economic and social objectives with honesty, transparency, professionalism and a team spirit.


The company has been set up to provide financial services to families, women, men, associations, companies of any kind and entities, by using their savings and liquid assets for their own interest provided that is not in conflict with the common interest.

BANCA SIMETICA is dedicated to meeting the needs of a clientele for whom high quality services and establishing a personal relationship with their investment manager are priorities.

The company will not enter into financial or other relations with businesses that, even indirectly, obstruct human development and contribute to any violation of fundamental human rights.